Cambridge CC Inter-Club Digital Competition

Cambridge CC Inter-Club Digital Competition

This competition is a inter-club competition for digital projected images (DPI) involving most of the clubs in Cambridgeshire. As a club, we enter 5 DPI (plus 1 reserve)

The competition took place on 18-Jan-2020 The judge was Chris Palmer FRPS.

The venue is:
Whittlesford Memorial Hall,
Mill Lane,
CB22 4NE

The special rules set for this competition are that the club must select:

- Maximum of 2 images per author;
- I monochrome, 1People, 1 Landscape, 1 Nature and 1 Open. plus a reserve used in case of a draw

With regards to presentation, format, labelling, etc of the DPI, then our normal club rules apply.

The competition is run as a series of rounds:
- Round 1: Monochrome (Open - any subject)
- Round 2: People
- Round 3: Landscape
- Round 4: Nature
- Round 5: Open (any subject)

If there is a draw then the reserve image is judged.

The 2018/2019 competition took place on the 19th January 2019.

This year St Neots chose the following images:

Mono: A Step Back in Time by Richard Scott - scored 17
People: Jumping Joan by Linda Woodward - scored 18
Landscape: Dawn at Southwold Pier by Steve Williams - scored 16
Nature: Village Weaver entering Nest by Howard Birley - scored 18
Open: Lost my Head by Nigel Northwood - scored 19

This gave us a total of 88 which was the 8th highest score of the competition and placed us 12th out of 37 clubs.