EAF Club Print Championship

EAF Club Print Championship

This competition is open to all clubs in the East Anglia Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF) and is for prints. As a club, we enter 25 prints.

We were one of 23 clubs taking part this year.

Each club shows 15 of their 25 prints in round 1 and the highest scoring clubs go onto round 2. We were not one of those clubs.

Three judges can each score from 2 (weak) to 5 (outstanding) for each print. The maximum was 15. No print scored 15 and only 8 of the 445 prints shown scored 14. One of our prints 'Back 2 Front' by Nigel Northwood scored 14. In fact his print was judged best print in the Championship. So, well done Nigel.

The winning club was Cambridge. Ware were second and Focus 24 third.

The special rules set for this competition are that the club must select:

- Maximum 5 Natural History;
- Maximum of 5 images per author;
- Images from at least 5 authors;
- At least 9 monochrome images;
- At least 9 colour images.

With regards the presentation, format, labelling, etc of the prints, then our normal club rules apply.