16-Jan-2019 Newsletter


I think it was generally accepted that last evening with Urban Safari was a great success, not only was it different and interesting photography-wise it was so good to see everyone having the time to chat.

Here are a few comments from last evening. "Brilliant evening"; "Must do it again"; "More hands-on evenings like this please"; "Members were acting impeccably, giving others the time and space to take their shots"; “thank you to those who found Urban Safari and for organised the evening".

I am sure many of you have a super selection of images so may I ask please that you forward me several of your favourites and I will get as many used as possible. Both we and Urban Safari can use them and in our Facebook sites and Steve is happy to add some to our website. It would be also appreciated if all Facebook users could upload a few of your own images from last evening
on to your personal sites - the bigger the coverage the better publicity for us.


From Jim.

Personally I was delighted with the way last evening went and from the comments I received I feel it was an evening that many members would like repeated at some stage. Firstly, may I thank Nigel for finding Urban Safari and passing on their name , Karin for getting them on to our programme and to all members who helped in many ways to make the evening the success I believe it was.

Several members asked if the evening could be repeated and I would like to know if there is sufficient interest in having a similar evening, but just for a small number of members run on similar lines to the Studio evenings, that is with all the costs having to be being covered by those attending this would be the cost of Urban Safari coming to St. Neots, with two set-ups, plus the room rental, all being divided between those attending. I will get some figures together as soon as I know there is an interest, so if you think you might be interested please email me asap. Restricting the numbers would allow each member of that group to have far more individual time to take photographs.

I am taking this opportunity of reminding everyone that not only do we constantly need members to give us suggestions of the type of items they would like included in our programme but also where we might go to find them. Finding items for the programme is extremely difficult, including
finding speakers that will give us the content we would like, especially with some tutorial content. When it comes to the almost impossible task of organising "hands-on" evenings that are different and interesting, as well as useful, we really would appreciate your input - so if you have any ideas
do get in touch asap, sometimes it takes well over a year from the idea first coming to our attention to getting on to the following season’s programme.


External competitions: We have a selection for prints next Tuesday so if you have any you feel you would like the selection group to consider please remember to take them along next Tuesday.


From Linda:

Exhibiting your Images

Every year you have the opportunity of exhibiting your work in our club Annual Competition and Exhibition held in October at the Priory Centre and also in the EAF Annual Exhibition held in May in Suffolk.

Bernard will keep you informed about our club exhibition but I thought you would like to know about the EAF exhibition. This is an exhibition of the best work from all the clubs in the East Anglia region. As you can imagine they have lots of entries and are only able to exhibit those with the highest scores from the three judges.

If you are interested in getting one or more of your images (print or digital) into the exhibition, you need to give me your image by 26th February. The entry fee is 60p per image. You may submit a maximum of 3 mono prints, 3 colour prints AND 4 digital images. All must be less than 4 years
old. I will then send off the entry form and fees on your behalf and we keep our fingers crossed for a good outcome. All details are on the EAF website (under INFO - downloadable documents). One thing to remember is that you will NOT have your images back in time for our Annual Competition
/exhibition but you can always use images from previous years. You can enter images that I am holding for selection.



Photographic opportunities.

I attach two images, sent to me by a member, showing a couple of venues that could be worth paying a visit to over the next week or two.

Fancy somewhere different? - why not try Bennington Gardens, near Stevenage. Snowdrops and Spring flowers 6th February to the 3rd March. 12pm - 4pm .

Anglesey Abbey: 2019 Snowdrops Season runs from 19 January - 28 February.