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Good morning,

I am not sure if Doncaster or Jet Skis have been on your mind this morning but after reading this newsletter both will be.

Tomorrow evening we have the three way competition with Doncaster, Launceston and ourselves. Each year of this competition we have seen some superb images, from all three clubs, and expect this year to be no different. I attach a copy of the score sheet for you to download, if you wish, in order that you can keep score as we go along.(Not on website - sorry) Having a little torch will help you in the low light.

I give below (above on website) the dates for some Jet Ski photography opportunities here in St. Neots during this summer (also Doncaster!) . With thanks to Kevin for sending on the information.

As a taster for tomorrow we do have one little thing we are keeping up our sleeve to tell you about……………………………….. see you tomorrow!