Good morning,

Having been one of the group who attended the Urban Safari evening on Thursday I can report that it was an extremely enjoyable and successful evening. The bugs and beasties modelled well for us, albeit some were quite lively - including the Giant Snail who appeared to be conducting a
band! The atmosphere was great, plenty of laughter and amongst the hundreds of photographs taken I saw plenty of really good images, I am sure we will be able to enjoy viewing some in the future. I attach a couple of images. Jim was not photographing the insects but did catch a couple of shots of the photographers, including one of most of the group at the start of the evening before we carried on and "did our own thing" at the two set-ups.

This type of evening would be good to repeat, so if any member has any suggestions please do put them forward. Some group events cannot be organised quickly so any that we can set in motion for next season would be ideal plus, with the summer coming up, there could well be opportunities for outdoors.

As you know, on Tuesday we have our annual interclub match with Swavesey and Linda has prepared a score sheet, see attached (with PDF for web version), that you can download in order to keep score yourself, if you wish.