To all members


In case you didn't make the AGM last evening I thought I would give you a quick update.

Firstly, congratulations to Steve Williams on becoming our new President - we look forward to working with him. We are sure he will be a great President and hope he enjoys his new position.

Other committee changes :- Linda is now our Competition Secretary; Hugh returns as External Competitions Secretary. David Ray has kindly offered to take over from Shirwin Bossom as our Financial Auditor. Shirwin has covered that role for many years and we do appreciate all the time he has given to it. Not a glamorous job by any stretch of the imagination but such an important one. Thank you Shirwin.

Jim is now the proud holder of the Cliff Clifford cup . Something that he was so delighted to receive but that came as a big surprise.

Thanks to those members who helped us by taking the club items from the Bowling Club for their holiday break.

No takers as yet for making the teas and coffees next season ....... you can be sure we will be working on that one. Must have a cuppa mid- evening!

The set subjects for next season are:-
Leagues:- 1. Horticulture/Agriculture .
2. The subject of the image to begin with "CAT" . e.g. Cathedral

and 3 . For the Annual competition - Hobby/ Sport

Don't forget to send your summer images to Karin for our Facebook page and keep your eye open for suitable holiday photographs for the Eagle Travel competition.

Enjoy the break - I will keep you up to date if anything drops into my email box. Enjoy the summer, see you all in September.

Kind regards,