Hi All

Due to Shirley’s absence in deepest France, I am writing this newsletter - something I hope will not be repeated too often! This one’s content includes news of a couple of events, an offer from a “free image marketplace” and an appeal!


Hugh has let me know of the following:

2019 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup London presented by Jaffa - 14 - 16 June at Lee Valley for details.

There is a ticket price of £15. Pictures taken at this venue have been used by the club in interclub events on the past and have been accepted in international exhibitions.


Joanne has been sent details of an upcoming East Anglian Federation (EAF) Judges Workshop - an event for current and potential judges. It will be held on 13-Oct-2019 at Foxton Village Hall, Loxton (which is to the south west of Cambridge and about 20 miles from St Neots). I attach the poster and an application form (not on website version). Any queries should be directed to the Judges Officer, Paul Radden at . uk.


Jim has also been sent the following, and I am passing it on without any endorsement though it may be of interest to members:

“Hello Jim,

Just emailing to let you know that all UK Camera Clubs are entitled to discounts at Picfair.

Picfair is a free image marketplace, where any photographer can upload their images for sale, set their prices, and start making money. You also get a free personal photography Store to use as a portfolio website or your own online shop.

Amateur photographers on Picfair have sold images to the likes of the Guardian, Time Inc, and National Geographic - take a look.

And UK camera clubs also get 33% off Picfair Plus subscriptions, which helps you to build a perfect online photography Store. The differences between the free and paid versions are listed here.

Please let me know if any of your members would like to use this discount and I will send over a discount code that all members can use :)

Joseph Hobbs
Campaigns Manager

4 Elder Street, London, E1 6BT ”


And finally, on behalf of myself and Hugh:

This coming season we will be participating in a number of external competitions against other clubs, using both print and DPI images. Whilst we would like to continue to use highly scored prints and DPI from the club’s internal competitions, this does not give us enough, on its own, to choose from to meet the requirements of the external competitions. Many of the external competitions have special rules that attempt to widen participation of clubs’ members by restricting the number of prints or DPIs from an individual club member.

An example of this is the first external competition of the 2019/2020 season ,which is the Terrence Chapman Memorial Print Competition, where we enter 8 prints plus a tie-breaker reserve. The special rules are that the 9 prints must be by at least 5 authors, and a maximum of 3 from per author. Details of all of the external competitions are on our website with their own special rules under External Competitions>.

So I am appealing to members to prepare extra high quality prints and DPI images and contribute them to the pool of selectable images, in time for our first selection of prints on 09-Oct-2019. These prints and DPI are in addition to those intended for internal competitions and also in addition to those in the Exhibition in October 2019.

I see this as a way of members to be able to showcase their work, without the filter of a “judge”. first deciding on its “merit”, before we can select it for the external competition. It will enable us to exhibit the prowess of our members to other clubs, and I know that many members produce work of very high quality that does not often get seen by other club members. So this is an opportunity to show us what you can do.

Please talk to Hugh or myself about when to submit the prints and the DPI, and it will be after the start of the 2019/2020 season in September so you have time to prepare your masterpieces. Also, the rules for external competitions are on our website.


Enjoy the summer and take plenty of images. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon with regards to the newsletters!