Just thought I would keep in touch and pass on a few items of interest and in case you are looking for those last few images for next seasons competitions I also give a few events that might be helpful.
The first night of the new season is on Tuesday 17th September. Please spread the word. This evening is free of charge for visitors.
I attach the rules for the Eagle Travel competition final date 1st October (Not on website version)
A few dates for photographic opportunities all coming up very soon.
Aug. 3rd and 4th The Magic of Thailand Parkers Piece, Cambridge. 10 am to 7pm £5 (£4 on line) August 4th Prickwillow Drainage Engine Museum 1940s Event - 11 4pm £5 (£4 on line)
August 10th Fireworks display at Belvoir Castle, Grantham.
August 10th & 11th Knights and Princesses Living Medieval History event at Longthorpe Tower, Peterborough. 10am to 5pm £4
JOB OFFER for local photographer (camera or phone).
St. Neots Museum is looking for a photographer to help keep their Archive updated when shops etc. change hands. These images can be taken as you walk along any of the streets in town, doesn’t require a tripod or a fancy lens. Your phone camera is quite adequate. Over the years the frontages, signs and styles have changed considerably ,these days more rapidly than in the past, and it is important that changes are captured and recorded. Peter Hagger has the details but has said that there is little more to it than I have mentioned above. There are other keen historians in the town that do offer images which means you will not be solely responsible but the Museum would like an extra person to be part of the team. So, if you do wander through the town fairly frequently and feel you could help please do make contact with Peter, on behalf of the Museum.
In the meantime you can view the archives here -
The Club's Facebook site - don’t forget to forward to Karin anything of interest that she can post. A few images taken over the summer break would be good and would help with publicity for our new season.

Regards, Shirley.