Hello again,

Well, Autumn is officially here and with it the planning for our new season is well under way. I will e as brief as I can with each item in this newsletter but there is quite a lot to request and pass on today.


* From Steve Williams:

As the new President of the Club, I have the pleasure of inviting you to the new season of the Club and in particular to the first evening meeting on Tuesday 17th September 2019.

The first evening of the season is a chance for existing members to catch up with each other and an opportunity to meet new members. As President I also arrange some of the events that will take place at the meeting as well as make sure essential information about the 2019/20 season is given to members.

This coming year we have an exciting programme of presenters covering subjects such as macro- photography, landscapes, natural history, as well as a new topic for the club that is smartphone photography. More about the programme on the night, but it can be previewed on our website
( We have the six internal competitions as well as the Clubs participation in competitions with other local clubs. We also have other opportunities to participate in studio evenings and also small group trips around and about St Neots.

As part of the evening there will be a couple of interesting presentations by members:
- The Group of Four which will tell us about the planning and carrying out of a project by a small group of members during the summer break;
- Using Paxton Pits as a local resource which will illustrate what is available on our doorstep

Whilst this is a fairly short programme for the evening at the club compared to previous years, there will be more to follow afterwards. I have planned a Night Photography introductory workshop for those interested in trying something different. The idea is that we will have a short walk around St Neots after dark and have a look at capturing images by streetlight - it is surprising how different the town looks after dark. It is for both active participants with their cameras and tripods, as well as those who want to observe and listen to how it is done. Obviously it is very weather dependent so if we are rained off, then we can all participate in the Presidents photo quiz! But wet pavements can improve some of the images!

Personally I will be using one camera with a wide to standard zoom on it, a tripod and a cable release. Dont worry if you haven’t got all that kit as I will bring spare base plates for others to use my tripod as well as show you an alternative to a cable release. But do bring spare batteries!

I look forward to seeing you on the 17th.

Steve Williams

PS. In order that we show our visitors and potential members what we achieve I would appreciate it if you can each bring in at least one print in order to make a good display. Age of the prints is not
important if you like it, that’s absolutely fine.

* Annual exhibition on 5th October with the judges comments and
trophy presentations to be on the 15th.
Please can you arrange to return your exhibition (cleaned) trophies on the first evening, at the latest. If you are going to be away I will happily take them just email me (SK) to arrange a suitable date.

As usual we require plenty of man/lady hours of help please do try to help the committee. Remember it is an exhibition of your work and before the day the committee will have already
put in a great deal of time and effort. Lists for the various requests will be available on the opening evening.

* Reminder that all prints entered into league competitions for next season must be accompanied by a dpi of that image size 1600 x 1200. Both to be handed in on the Tuesday prior to the competition. Do make sure your print dpi and league competition dpi entries are easily recognised into the two different sections.

* League competitions All entries for the first league competition to be in on the 1st October.

* Club Leagues please remember that we cannot announce any movement of members between the Bresson and Bailey League until after the 1st October. It is a club rule that if you havent paid your subscriptions by that date you are not eligible to participate in competitions.
Consequently, unless we have heard differently, until 1st October it has to be assumed that members will be continuing their membership and are still entitled to keep their place in either league.

* Entries for the EAGLE TRAVEL competition to be handed to Shirley on 1st October (separate from league competition entries). Apologies for the fact that both competitions are to be handed in on the same night but this date was arranged a year ago).

* Invitation from Swavesey Camera club. - 10th October - To join them for a presentation by Damien Demoider, title Street Photography: Light and Life on the Streets. Tickets £10. Tickets in advance from the club. If you are interested in participating in his workshop the following day in
London the cost is £99 cameras and lenses provided. Max. 15 participants cameras by Panasonic.

* As I write we do not have anyone to make us a cuppa at our meetings. On our opening evening Greg will be tied up with getting in the membership subscriptions (just a nudge that they will be due and he will accept your payment on that evening) and other committee members have also been tasked with jobs SO, if anyone can help us out we would appreciate it. It would
not look good if our guests cannot be offered a cuppa on their first evening with us.

* Shortly , both First Evening and Annual Exhibition posters will be sent to every member, via an email. I know many of you belong to various groups, both on Facebook and with other activities or clubs, and I would ask that you post the information as far and as wide as you are able.

* St Neots Museum will be holding a Craft & Gift Fair from 19th October to 24th December. If you are interested in taking space to sell any of your photographs they will welcome your participation. 25% of all sales will be taken in commission. For full details contact or 214163.

* If you are interested in selling your prints do remember that images displayed in our exhibition can be sold, if you wish, for a contribution (at your discretion), to our clubs funds. We do not handle the sale, just put photographer and buyer together. Information to this effect will be on display at the exhibition.

* Studio Evenings . Due to our Studio evenings being a popular part of our clubs activities, and if there is sufficient interest , we will run a 2 session introductory course giving basic knowledge on how to set up the studio and control the lighting. A list will be on the noticeboard for
members to indicate their interest, at the first evening . Also, the list for names to participate in the first studio evening on the 17th October will be available on that evening.

Kind regards,