Updates and reminders today. Please do read to the end of this newsletter!!

From Steve.
I’d like to thank everyone who brought in prints for the first meeting last Tuesday, and they made a great display for visitors as well as a good reminder of the quality of work at the club.

Plans for the 2019/20 season and the Exhibition in October are coming together at a pace, but there is one area where we are deficient and that is we do not have volunteers for the tea/coffee making at meetings. So I am looking for members to put their hands up to performing this vital
part of each evening’s success. If we have sufficient numbers then we can do it on a rota basis but I need enough volunteers to achieve this.

If you are willing to help, please email me -
Thanks, Steve.

Re. Exhibition
Lists for helpers for the exhibition will be back again on the desk on Tuesday do add your name (on as many lists as you like, you are not restricted!).

Something new as part of our exhibition - We would like to display the Panel boards from last season. If you are happy for us to use yours please take them to the club meeting either this coming Tuesday or the following week (1st October). It is expected that there will only be room
for one Panel per member.
Trophies - URGENT
Please, do remember to return your beautifully cleaned trophies, from last years exhibition, on Tuesday. If you are not going to be able to get to the meeting just get in touch with me (SK). We need the trophies for engraving.

Eagle Travel Photo competition
Mainly for the benefit of our Tuesday visitors, all of whom I hope will become members and will then be entitled to enter this easy competition, I attach the rules for the Eagle Travel competition. If you have any queries please just get in touch with me. (SK).

A couple of photographic opportunities for you:-
6th October: Prickwillow Ploughing Festival. Prickwillow Engine Museum, Main St., Prickwillow, Ely. £7.50. Heavy horses ploughing, old machinery, cars and motorcycles plus pumping machines. (Set subject - Agriculture??)
12th October : This is their day/night event. Reviews say it is well worth going to withplenty of photographic opportunities. Youl’l even get a pasty (not the proper sort from down West but the next best thing!) and chips for dinner!
This suggestion was provided by one of our visitors on Tuesday, thank you.