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Club Stand at Community Day

Just a short newsletter today, but interesting never the less.


As you know we participated in the St. Neots Community Day event in the Priory Centre last Saturday, I am pleased to say that your prints and images were well received and we are hoping to have some new members join us, directly as a result of our display, our "sales patter" and also our
Photography "Drop-in" for help and advice. Thank you to all who helped in any way , including those that made the effort to pay us a visit, support in any way is always appreciated. It was a very successful day, with 35 local clubs and groups participating, so it all made for a colourful and
interesting event. I doubt if many of you have seen us when we are making a public appearance , away from our own exhibition, so I attach an image of our stand, taken by Brian Jackson.



From Steve Williams - Trips out

Please find attached the information of the latest batch of trips out with Steve. (Information below on website)

Also from Steve - Images Critiqued

I have spent some time talking to members, in particular new members, and find that some are nervous of entering into our internal competitions. Perhaps it is useful to point out that we say on our website:

"We currently have six internal club 'league' competitions spread through the season. These are not just for the competitive photographer but are an ideal opportunity to have your work critiqued by a judge. (Members may have their images critiqued and not scored by the judge but must inform the Competition Secretary in advance. However, they will not be included in the Club league system)."

I see this as a gentler introduction to getting feedback on your images from experienced judges, and an opportunity to learn to improve - we can treat submitted images for critique only anonymously if the author wishes. Personally I find the comments by judges on all images shown, (not just my own), is helpful in trying to improve my work.



Tuesday 22nd October

Don't forget , tomorrow evening - we have a return visit from Roger Hance FRPS. The title of his talk is "Digital Macro Photography" If you can find the time , do look him up - his Gallery is superb and if you haven’t been to one of his talks before he should inspire you to get out there and
take some photographs.


SNDCC Trips Out


I have organised five more of my trips out. I am convinced that a good way to learn to see and take better images in the field is to accompany other photographers and learn from the way they work. So I am offering the opportunity to some club members who want to practise using their camera to accompany me on these location trips.

One thing that makes me feel that these trips are a good idea is the number of images taken on previous trips appearing in the Club’s Exhibition. The trips will be about trying to capture the best images on the day and to get it right in the camera. I expect we will discuss “camera craft” topics such as the composition, histograms, “exposure to the right”, ISO setting and/or colour control, plus traditional topics like depth of field, critical focus and/or exposure time. However the main aims are to introduce participants to locations they may not have found or considered before, and talking about how to interpret them into meaningful images. They will not cover post-processing in Photoshop or Lightroom, but I expect these will be discussed en-route.

The first is planned for Saturday 09-Nov-2019 and is a street photography trip into Cambridge. This trip is for two members walking around central Cambridge taking images of people, events and other interesting things. For this trip, we meet at the Madingley Road Park and Ride to bus into Cambridge.

The second trip is planned for Monday 25-Nov-2019 and will be an exploration of locations around North Bedfordshire. This is for up to three members and we will travel in my car having met up in Eaton Socon.

The third trip is to Stoke Bruerne and its stretch of the Grand Union Canal. It is planned for Sunday 15-Dec-2019 and is for up to three members, travelling in my car. There is one location en-route I’d like to introduce people to, and if there is time we can also go the other end of the Blisworth Tunnel before travelling home.

The fourth trip is a local, afternoon only trip to some locations close to St Neots and hopefully could include a sunset shoot. I have planned it for the afternoon of Monday 06-Jan-2020 and is for up to three members, travelling in my car.

Finally, for the moment, the fifth trip is planned for Sunday 26-Jan-2020 and will be a trip south of St Neots into southern Bedfordshire and the border with Hertfordshire. This is for up to three members and we will travel in my car.

Steve Williams