To all members.


Tuesday will be the last meeting of our club before Christmas - just where has this part of the club's season gone? But, we are where we are and as usual on this last evening we will be holding our annual "Photography Bring and Buy" in addition to the Christmas Charity Draw.

If you have any photography items that you wish to sell do take the them a long, complete with all the bits and bobs that go with them, plus., on a sheet of paper, your name and details of each item and the price you are looking for (or ONO). Kevin will be running the table and he will need to know the details, including whether the item is for sale or given to the club with any money made by selling it being donated to the charity fund. If you get a sale we do ask for a donation to the Charity - the amount is left entirely up to the owner. Items not sold must be removed at the end
of the evening.

Draw tickets for our chosen charity - "The Bloodrunners" will be sold right up to the last minute - who knows, we, or someone we know, might just be in debt to them at some point in our lives. They will be working all over the festive period saving lives so our donation will be very much
appreciated. They give their time for free every night, every weekend and all over the Bank Holidays delivering blood to our local hospitals plus the Air Ambulance, (our chosen charity a couple of years back). All the "small change" money will also be given to the charity, so clear out the old ash-trays and keep Roy happy - he loves counting them !

Re. Day trips with Steve Williams. I thought I would share with you an email received recently from one of our members - Brian Jackson.

“Hi Shirley & Committee,
Thought I would just send you a note to say how much I enjoyed the phototrip to the North Beds. area yesterday with Steve and 2 other Camera Club Members.

Despite the inclement weather it was an interesting and educational trip.

It was not just a case of going out and taking Landscape pictures. We had useful advice on taking the shots and also local knowledge. Steve has also sent us, this morning, a detailed report of where we went and what we did which will be very helpful when matched up with our pictures.”

If you are interested in spending time with Steve on one of his day trips do have a chat with him.

See you Tuesday,