To all members.


I hope Storm Ciara hasn’t caused too much havoc for you over the weekend. Here are a few items of interest today.

MOUNTBOARD - Linda has passed me a list of the current prices for mountboard, which I attach. Looking at the dates for handing in entries into the Annual Competition also the Panel and Portfolio competitions if you would like to make any purchases of mountboard, and accessories, Linda can take orders up to the Tuesday 25th. February.


2nd April – Camera Skills Evening with Bob Brind-Surch . As I write there are still some spaces available for this event.

· At first glance the evening might appear to be aimed solely at those members who only have a basic grasp of photography. However, the breadth of skills being covered in Bob’s lecture will be of interest to many of our members, regardless of how long you have been taking photographs. So, if you haven’t added your name so far and are wondering if you might benefit please do get in touch or mention this to me on Tuesday evening and I will do my best to answer any questions.

We are in the midst of trying to book a tutor for an event to be held in the autumn. It is hoped that one will cover a wide range of intermediate-level skills and it is anticipated that everything that Bob covers on the 2nd April will give a good base of knowledge for the autumn session.


Empty ink cartridges - We will be collecting empty ink cartridges, of any description, on Tuesday evening. These are being passed on to the St. Neots Indoor Bowling Club, who already have a collection point. All money raised will go to the St. Neots Food Bank. It is appreciated that not all cartridges are suitable for re-filling but we have been advised to hand in all types and the Bowling Club will sort as required. Sounds like an ideal arrangement ! It is good that the local charity we supported last year, from our Christmas Charity Raffle, will again benefit from our members support.


25th. February – this will be one of our “SPECIAL EVENINGS.” Each season we do our best to have with us at least one photographer of note. As you already know Steve Race, the award winning wildlife photographer, from North Yorkshire, will be with us. Getting photographers of this calibre to a camera club takes a lot of persuasion and we have to wait , sometimes years, for it to come about. In addition, these lectures are always expensive, added to by the cost of travel and accommodation. We have advertised this event widely in the EAF and other wildlife clubs in the area, the visitor fee being £5. However, if any member would like to bring along a guest, to see Steve’s superb images and hear the stories behind them, they will be charged our club’s normal visitor fee of £4. This will apply to one guest per member. Tickets do NOT have to be purchased in advance, pay at the door on the evening. Come early to avoid the rush !


An offer to give unused prints a good home - The Oxfam shop in Cambridge has a section for pictures, prints and photographs. There is an interest in photos - any subject but especially Cambridge scenes - from foreign tourists. So if you have any prints which are not quite good enough to enter for a competition, but are gathering dust because you cannot bring yourself to throw them away, please bring them to a meeting and leave them on the side table. Nigel Lodge (a new member) will mount them on card and take them to the Oxfam shop.