To all members.


One of the nice things is life is to be able to give congratulations to a friend and colleague and in the first item in this newsletter I have the pleasure of doing just that.


I know several member receive the National, on-line PAGB News if you dont already then may I suggest you go on-line yourself and sign up. I received my latest copy yesterday and on the front page was a winning image from our club it was one of Hughs. I attach a snip. Considering the hundreds of images that could have been chosen I feel Hugh can be justly proud of his achievement - Well Done Hugh.

Following on from Tuesdays lecture on Digital Printing.

Being aware that some of our newer members might now be consider producing their own prints I thought a few thoughts might not go amiss.

For many years I did my own printing but when our A3 printer went into the care of the Refuse Facility, it was decided not to replace it. Especially as a set of 8 inks was then well over £100 . For that particular printer I used a resolution of 360. Following the advice at the time I started sending my images for printing to SIM Lab (there are plenty of other good companies around). Having always used paper profiles, when doing my printing, I telephoned Sim to ask for a profile for their paper. I was told that I could have one but unless I was gifted with exceptional eyesight I wouldn’t notice the difference. I did receive a profile but found without it their colour reproduction was extremely good and didn't use it after a while ( I also knew I was not gifted with exceptional eyesight!). HOWEVER, and here is my point, they do ask that all the images I send are as sRGBs , as jpegs and with the resolution of 250. I point this out purely because should you go own the route of having work produced commercially it could well pay you to get in touch with the company and use the settings and profiles they suggest. On the other hand, if you decide to do your own printing do read the small print to find the best resolution you should be using for your printer. The paper companies will give you the profiles for each individual type of paper you decide to use.

If you are thinking of purchasing photographic paper you might be interested to learn that some of the speakers who come to our club are photographic paper agents, for various companies, and do offer a discount on paper, although it probably pays to check on-line to make comparisons.

One suggestion if you are interested in learning more about art papers do let us know. Maybe , using the knowledge of those members who do already use art paper and have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject, we might find a way of sharing that information. If you are one of those members happy to contribute some information please let me know and maybe I can start the ball rolling.


Panel Competition see notes attached.

As you are aware we have the Panel competition coming up on March 10th. This is an ideal first competition for our newer members especially as, on this occasion, your prints can be mounted directly on to the surface of the mount-board. I attach a sheet giving all the details.


Paper Spectrum orders dont forget February 25th that is the deadline date for orders to be Linda. Please contact her direct email: this include if you would like to purchase some mount-board for the Panel competition (see above ).


Member suggestion - I was asked recently by a member Would it be possible to have in-house critique evenings each season, like some other clubs. I agreed to take this to the committee but am interested to learn members comments to back up this idea. Your thoughts and ideas on this
subject will certainly make any decisions easier. Do drop me an email and I will make sure all are taken forward for discussion. We will need to know, If there is sufficient interest, also how often your feel these evenings would be beneficial; whether in large or small groups; ability groups; e.g. new to photography; preparing for competitions or awards; as extra evenings; only on a Tuesday ? Now is the time to deal with this, whilst there are still some evenings available in next seasons programme. Over to you.



Camera Skills Evening. The response has been great and we will be running this event There are only three spaces available April 2nd - I can assure everyone who comes along that you will learn something new, even if you have been taking photographs for ages. Bob Brind - Surch, one of the best presenters and trainers we have to the club, will NOT be boring !