To all members.


I hope you are all well and have been able to make the most of the super weather we have had over the last couple of days - something to cheer us.
From Steve Williams
"In this rather difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I hope everyone is keeping well and is coping with self isolation and social distancing. I will try to launch some minor diversions for members during this period, in addition to my President's Challenge - more in later emails and newsletters.
Enforced 'stay at home' does give one the opportunity to get some admin done, including sorting out images stored on computers. But please make sure you back everything up before making large scale changes - external USB hard drives can be bought on-line and delivered by 'magic white van'.
It also is an opportunity to sit down with your chosen piece of processing software and practise using it, perhaps trying out new techniques learned off the Internet, as there are loads of Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, etc resources out there. How about copying a RAW file and processing it using different techniques - say doing one copy in normal colour, one as
monochrome, one using filters, etc?
The other thing to do is evolve a workflow if you haven't already, from picture taking, through unloading the RAW files to the computer (and backing them up) to the 'standard' image processes to apply to every image. Workflow is down to the individual's tastes, style and software tools. Later I will send out some notes on my 'standard' workflow in Lightroom to give you an idea (in the next week or so).
Please stay in touch via email, phone or Skype/Facetime with your family, friends and other members of the Club, especially if, like me, you live on your own.
Regards and best wishes,
From Linda
Hugh has been out and collected in the external competition prints and in turn Linda has agreed to hold on to them unless any member wishes to pick them up from her - that is both the EAF exhibition prints also those that would have been in the Swavesey competition. If you do require your prints and wish to collect them from Linda please do email her and make arrangements for the collection. The only two who have EAF prints with Linda now will be Alec and Colin.

Steel Trees in a Glass Jungle Roland Davis
Islands in the Sun Bernard Ormorod
Looking into the Light Peter Smyth
RHS Wisley Bloomer Geoff Murphy
Walkway Patterns Colin Jeeves
Jetski Racer Immogen Davis
Cathedral Maev Yaxley
Talk to the Hand Steve Mulvey
Ivory Where it Belongs Karin Aston
Catching some Air Kevin Davis

I am sure many of you will be passing a bit of time on the internet and thought I would mention that on our website we have, under 'Of Interest' , several galleries of our own members work - a new one that will be added shortly will be some images from Alec McAndrew. Alec has set himself a
challenge to publish a photograph a day and will also be adding them to his site
How about a 'Last Photographer Snapping' (or rather taking a daily photograph) competition ??
Keep well, keep in touch,
Kind regards,