To all members.


I hope you are all well and enjoying being able to get out a little more and enjoying the good weather.

Today I have one important message from Steve, also please do check out the attachments
(Not included on website copy).

From Steve - IMPORTANT

"On behalf of the Club Committee and after consideration by Committee members, this is to notify all members that the Club will not endorse the continued use of ZOOM for Club meetings, either self-organised or with external speakers. This means that the Club will not financially underwrite Club meetings delivered via ZOOM in the future.

The decision was arrived at primarily due to the lack of interest of a majority of members, as judged from the numbers who took part in the two joint meetings with Letchworth Camera Club and a trial meeting of the Club.

This does not mean the decision cannot be reviewed in the future nor should it restrict members if they wish to make their own arrangements to meet - it just means they should not utilise the Club’s name nor money to do so."



Please see attached. (Not included on website copy). from Karin. Programme Secretary but reproduced here:

Message from the Programme Secretary:
Dear Colleagues,
At the point at which Lockdown began, a fair few presenters for the first part of the 2020/21 season ahead had already been booked, together with the majority of judges for our internal competitions.
Not knowing what lies ahead, the Committee has, as you will be aware, looked at the possibility of holding zoom meetings. These have had a mixed response thus far, so it's hard to know what we should do come September if we are not allowed to meet.
Zoom is certainly not a replacement for meeting in person, but should the situation continue as now - whereby gathering together in a closed space is not permitted - it does give us the opportunity to go ahead and at least get together online come September.
As a fallback, therefore, , I will shortly be contacting all presenters as already booked, together with the judges, to see if they are able and willing to give their talks or judge our images via Zoom should the situation not improve.
The Committee will then be able to use this information to review the situation further.
For now, our 2019/20 season is now over, so we all just need to keep our fingers crossed for the 2020/21 season.
Take care,
PS Since lockdown we've been periodically sharing past competitions entries on our public Facebook Page. If anyone objects to having their images used, do please let either myself or Shirley know.……………………………….

Re. the “Blood Runners”

You will recall that at Christmas we had a fantastic response to our charity raffle which resulted in us donating £400 to SERVSC – usually known as the “Blood Runners.”

A date had been arranged in March for Steve, with Roy, who had sold all the draw tickets, to present our cheque to their Treasurer. Unfortunately as soon as Covid19 arrived seriously their work amplified considerably so the meeting was cancelled. They are now giving their time 24/ 7. Needless to say the number of volunteers in their group has not increased so things like sending us a “thank you” letter did not have priority. However, a few days ago I received a very appreciative letter that I attach for you to read.

I thought some of our newer members might be interested to learn of some of the charities and good causes our club has donated to over the past few years from the Christmas raffles. In addition, we have supported many groups, societies and charities at our exhibitions by giving them space to represent themselves.

We started our Christmas donating by purchasing a special swing for a little girl who was unable to sit without support. She was the daughter of one of our members at that time. Since then we have sent donations to Moggerhanger Hospice (2011 and 2015), MAGPAS, Woodlands Cancer Department in Hinchingbrooke Hospital, The Air Ambulance, Alzheimers Society also St Neots Food Bank. We do our best to support local charities direct, especially as many have already touched the lives or our members in some way.


Holidays in the UK – If you feel you might be able to have a get-away this year you might find looking at the “Photo Location Guide Books” by Long Valley Books very useful. Every photography location has clear written directions, detailed annotated maps, OS grid references and satnav information, so you can easily find even the most well-hidden gem. Along with tips on where the best viewpoints are and what angles you might want to explore, you’ll find advice on the best time of day and year to visit. All you need is your camera!


Photographic opportunity

The British Photographic Assignment is a free to enter platform for photographers to share their work. Each year the Assignment will focus on a different cultural topic, this year's being COVID-19.

They will be inviting 10 of their favourite photographers to the British Photography Awards Gala in February 2021.

Please the attached PDF providing more information.
(Not included on website copy).

Keep well everyone,

Kind regards,