To all members

Good morning,

I am afraid I am the bearer of some disappointing news. Please see below a message from Steve.

From Steve re. 2020 Exhibition

It is with much regret that the Committee and I have decided that it is prudent for us to cancel this year’s exhibition at the Priory Centre on 10-Oct- 2020. It was a hard decision to make but unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that:

- We do not have our usual sponsors to support us with meeting our costs;
- There would be difficulties running The Hunts Post Photo competition his year, which directly affects our likely visitor numbers;
- We are not be able to invite a local charity to participate;
- We would not able to show a decent number of images and maintain social distancing in the hall. For example we could only use one side of the stands if we had a ‘walk this route’ system in place. We would also not be able to have seating in place to show the DPI, unless we kept cleaning it all;
- We would not be able to offer refreshments, again something that normally helps with the costs.

However it is our intention to show your Exhibition work to members at a club meeting - once we are able to get up and running with meetings again. We have the DPI and we will sort out the collection of prints later.


I apologise for not sending you this newsletter yesterday, at the same time as Steve emailed all members who have entered the Annual Competition, but I needed to clarify a point with him before sending his message.