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Some good new to give you today – please read Steve’s message below.

After quite a bit of thought and discussion, regarding the status and practicalities, the committee have decided to go ahead with the Annual Competition, despite having to cancel the Exhibition.

Therefore ,working as best we can in these troubled times, the running of the Annual Competition continues as we normally do, with the main aims being to try to ensure Exhibition work is displayed to other members at least and to a wider audience if possible. Trophies will be awarded and prints and DPI considered for external competitions by the Club, etc. etc.- in the future.

No doubt you are aware that normally the majority of the images received for the Annual Competition are displayed in the Annual Exhibition – the two go hand in hand. In the Exhibition we do our best to display every DPI. Unfortunately the number of prints exceeds the space we have on the stands, however, although the display of prints is based on the judge’s scores, we ensure that everyone gets at least one print displayed and, if possible, one mono print and also one colour print.

We have the advantage that the judging had been arranged to take place rather late this year, much closer to October, so we have time to see how the Covid 19 restrictions pan out, and what we will do later to collect the prints etc. I will keep you updated on that in due course.

When we can resume meetings we would like to see as many as possible of the physical prints displayed to members. In the meantime we are considering a “virtual exhibition” for the wider public , especially the DPI’s. However these are ideas being worked on and any input from yourself would be welcome. In the meantime we are sorting out the details of how we run this.

My thanks go to Roland for taking on the task of organising this in these strange times, though I know others will offer what assistance they can, as and when. At least we don’t have to hump the stands and boards around this year!


From the EAF

Here is a link to the June 2020 EAF Bulletin. Please share this link with your members so that they can all find out more about the Federation. This seems more pertinent at the moment while we are all trying to follow Government’s lockdown guidelines.

Link to EAF Bulletin:
I hope you are all keeping well.

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