President's Challenge Summer 2020

To help alleviate some of the boredom of enforced “leisure” time, I have decided to set up a President’s Challenge 2020 for Camera Club members. I am looking for four images from you as DPIs, but they must be one of each of the subjects listed below. If possible the challenge is to take them all on the same day, but some members are finding this impossible so I have decided to accept images taken of the the Club's summer break.

So there is not only some photography involved but also some planning of what to take. I have tried to pick subjects that can be taken both indoors and outdoors………………..

The subjects are:

1) Food
2) Something red
3) Looking in or out
4) Water in any state (gas, liquid or solid - or even plasma if you can get it that hot!)

The rules are:

- Normal club DPI (1600x1200 max, sRGB, subject, (one of the four above) and author in the file info).
- To me by 01-Sep-2020 so we can have a look at them on the first night.
- If possible, all taken on the same day, but in any order.



Steve Williams
President St Neots and District Camera Club.