2020/2021 Competition Rules

PDI Competitions Via ZOOM

1. All competitions are “Open”.

2. Members may enter one colour image and/or one monochrome image.

3. Members may enter a third reserve image (colour or monochrome) that will only be used if the number of total entries for a competition is low. If used, all entered reserve images will be used. To be clear, for a member’s reserve image to be used,
the member must have entered a colour and a monochrome image also. Members must clearly indicate when entering three images which image is the reserve image.

4. Once used in a PDI Competition via ZOOM, an image may not be re-entered in another PDI Competition via ZOOM.

5. A reserve image NOT used in a PDI Competition via ZOOM may be used as a main image or a reserve image in a future PDI Competition via ZOOM, (as it has not yet been used).

6. Images entered into PDI Competitions via ZOOM may be entered in the Club’s normal competitions and Annual Exhibition, once normal meetings are resumed.

7. The Club’s Leagues are suspended for the PDI Competitions via ZOOM. Whilst a judge may award points as well as giving critique, the Club will not be recording their award and will not be using them to determine positions in the Leagues.

8. The Club’s normal rules with regards to the naming and format of the PDI images will be adhered to (See Below). In addition the normal 4 year rule applies.

9. Entries will be sent via WeTransfer to the Club’s Projectionist two weeks before the competition. This is so images can be forwarded to the judge for them to view and assess on their computer, as well as to allow for the preparation of the projection of the images in ZOOM.
(If you have trouble using WeTransfer then Dropbox can be used, but the Club prefers the use of WeTransfer)

The above rules only apply to PDI Competitions Via ZOOM held during the COVID19 pandemic when normal Club meetings are not possible.

So far the dates for competitions are (with entry by dates in brackets after them)
06-Oct-2020 (22-Sep-2020) - 03-Nov-2020 (20-Oct-2020) - 24-Nov-2020 (10-Nov-2020)