How To

Preparing and submitting digital images to the club website

Digital images for the club website

It is great for our website to showcase the quality of images from our Members.
There is a restriction on the number of images that can be posted on our website.
Therefore, images will be loaded as follows :

1. Images that score 18 and above in our Club Competitions
2. Images at the Annual Exhibition assessed as Highly Commended and above
3. Images that are judged Winners in the Portfolio Competition
4. Images of quality from the Studio Group

DPI images are automatically sent to the webmaster for loading onto the website.
But print images are not automatically loaded and Members are responsible themselves
for preparing and emailing a file of their print image to the webmaster.
They need to be of a certain size:

Width maximum 700 pixels Height maximum 600 pixels

Instructions on how to resize images are contained in the "How To" guide above.
Image files also need to be labelled in a standard format for loading.
The file name must contain the photographer name followed by the image title.
For example: Linda Woodward - Great Willow Trees.jpg
(Be careful not to include 2 spaces next to each other - the website will reject the file).

Sending your images for loading onto our website regularly ensures that it is constantly refreshed
and provides continual interest for our viewers - and Members !

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