How To

Prepare digital images for competitions (Photoshop CC)

Preparing Digital Images for Club Competitions Step by Step

Photoshop CC.

When you image is ready for entering a Club Competition and you have it open in Photoshop CC, the following process ensures it is ready for use with the clubs Laptop and Projector:-

FILE > File Information Select ‘Basic’ > in the box ‘Document Title’ enter the title of the image. In the box ‘Author’ enter your name** (Jo Bloggs). At this stage you can copyright the image. > OK

EDIT > Convert to Profile. In Source space if it shows ‘sRGB’ the image is already sRGB so click Cancel.
However if Source Space does not show sRGB, in the Destination space drop menu > Select sRGB then click OK.

IMAGE tab, > Image Size > Ensure that the box resample is ticked. In the boxes Width & Height are indicating Pixels. Enter the Height 1200 (maximum) and Width 1600 (max)
Ticking the ‘Resample’ Box, this links the Width & Height to keep the image size in proportion.
Enter Width 1600 pixels, the Height box will change proportionally, if the Height changes to greater than 1200 pixels change the Height number to 1200. This will reduce the pixel width proportionately to a number less than 1600. This is correct.

Lastly FILE > Save As > Save In > Select the folder that you want to use >

For Comp. DPI Entry: Enter the File Name. e.g. Jo Bloggs – (Name of Image)

For Digital Copy of Print Comp Entry:

Colour Print: Enter File Name Jo Bloggs – CP – (Name of Image)

Mono Print: Enter File Name Jo Bloggs – MP - (Name of Image)

Format . JPEG (Not JPEG 2000 or JPEG Stereo) > Save.

The image is now ready to put on to a memory stick to enter the completion. Also for use on Club’s Website and Facebook.

If being submitted for CRITIQUE only as above in ‘File Information’ and ‘File Name’ BUT do not enter your name just words Critique Only Anywhere else where the Authors name is requested, do not enter it, you will then be anonymous.

Jim Kevern.