External Competitions

External Competitions - How We Do Selection

We take part in a number of competitions with other clubs and these are referred to as External Competitions. (The current ones are listed in this section of the website). To manage the selection and entry of images to these competitions we have an External Competitions Secretary on the Committee.

As part of the selection process, the External Competitions Secretary convenes an ad-hoc selection group of experienced members to select prints and/or DPI (depending on the rules of the individual external competition). As a general principle the selection is made from images submitted by members to our Club’s internal competitions and/or to our Club’s Annual Competition, as these will have been seen by other members and judged against each other.

The aim is to have a strong entry representing the work of many members of the Club.

Also, as a general principle, the Club prefers to take part in external competitions with other local clubs, (or ones the Club has established long standing relationships with). But equally important is that the competitions are judged in the similar manner to the Club’s internal competitions, so that entries receive critique from the judge, (as well as a score).