Our Flickr Group - How to Join & FAQ

Looking to share your images with other members to elicit some peer feedback or maybe just because you're proud of what you've captured - then join our Flickr Group.

SNDCC Flickr Group - Overview

What is Flickr?
Flickr is probably the world's oldest and largest photo sharing site. It allows you to easily upload photos onto the internet. Once they are there, you can share them with everybody in the world, share them just with family and friends or only access them yourself.

You can also look at pictures other people are sharing, join discussion areas for specific topics (i.e. dogs, macro, nudes, studio etc).

How much does it cost?
A basic account is free, and allows most functions. A “Pro” account is available but not necessary for interacting on the SNDCC Group.

How do people use Flickr?
People use Flickr in very different ways. For example, many people use Flickr to research places they plan to visit by simply typing the name of the place they plan to visit in the “search” box. Flickr will then show photos that other people have taken of that place.

It may also be that you see an image and wonder how it was captured or where it was, well you can use the messaging system to contact the photographer and ask!

What is the SNDCC Flickr Group?
The SNDCC Group is our own private area where only club members can post images, comment on them or start a discussion.

How Private is it?
Only people that are current members of the club and have asked to join the group can see images in the clubs “Group Pool” (that's just a fancy name for the images posted to the Group) or participate in the group.

OK, how do I join Flickr?
This short video will guide you through the process and give you some more information too
Click here to see the video.

I’ve joined Flickr, how do I find the SNDCC group?
Just click this link.

Found it! how do I join?
Once you have found the page, just click on “Join This Group” and fill out the form that opens up. Alternatively have a chat to Steve Williams at the club, who is an administrator of the Flickr Group

Once we’ve checked that you are indeed a current member, you’ll receive a message that you are approved and you can then join us.

What should I do next?
Its up to you, but I’d have a look around at the Photo pool, review previous discussions etc, It would also be great if you could introduce yourself to everyone.

You can then jump in and chat, post pictures, tips queries etc, to the SNDCC community.