External Competitions

Four Way Battle

Four Way Battle between March, St Ives, St Neots and Ely
Normally this competition is a 4-way inter-club competition for both prints and digital projected images (DPI). For this season only the four clubs (St Neots, Ely, March and St Ives) have agreed to have a DPI based competition over ZOOM, hosted by St Neots. For this year only the rules are:
- 10 images per club (that gives a total of 40 which is more than enough for a ZOOM meeting)
- no more than two images from any one member.
- The entered images should not have been previously used in external competitions elsewhere.
- We have suspended the restriction on the natural history entries for this year.

The thinking behind this was to recognise that many members of all four clubs have not been able to do as much and as varied photography as they would normally do.