Exhibition 2020
Exhibition 2020

2020 Exhibition

It was with much regret that the Club had to cancel this year’s exhibition at the Priory Centre on 10-Oct- 2020. It was a hard decision to make but unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has meant we could not offer a display on a par with previous years.

However the judge has looked at the prints and projected images and we will be getting his feedback at a meeting during the year. We will show members' Exhibition work at club meetings - once we are able to get up and running with meetings again. We have the Projected Images and we will be looking at other ways of showing them to members and a wider audience, so please keep an eye on this website for details.

This does not affect the plans for the 2021 Exhibition to be held on 16th October 2021. For the 2021 Exhibition, the set subject is 'Lines and/or Curves'