Exhibition 2022

The 2021/2022 Annual Exhibition is scheduled for 08-Oct-2022 at the Priory Centre in St Neots

In parallel to the Annual Exhibition we will run the Annual Competition for members. The results of the judging will be made available at the Exhibition and feedback from the judge will be included in the programme in late October 2022.

The judge will be announced later. The entry forms and the arrangements for submitting entries will be send to members via email in due course, but the last date for submission is 02-Jul-2022.

For the Annual Competition, (and in a change to previous years), there will be a maximum of 15 colour prints, 15 monochrome prints and 15 DPI images per member. As normal the categories were Architecture, Nature, People and Open, and the set subject is "Lines And/Or Curves".

Videos of last year's DPI-only Annual Competition are here