Health and Safety Guidance

The committee must be asked for approval if you wish to take photos in the name of the Club. Such images should always show the Club in a good light and not be inappropriate.

Whilst we are advised by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, of which the Club is a member, that camera clubs do not come under the scope of Health and Safety legislation, the Club abides by the Health and Safety Policy of the premises in which the meetings are held and offers the following guidance.

This guidance sets out the ways in which the Club expects Members to maintain a safe environment.

If anyone has a health and safety concern they should raise it with a Committee Member. The Club President’s responsibility is to ensure that adequate measures are put in place to address any concerns.

Accidents and emergencies
Accidents and injuries incurred during Club meetings should be reported and will be recorded.
  • Members’ personal responsibilities:
  • Members are responsible for their own health and safety whilst attending the Club
  • Members should report any concerns to a Committee Member who will raise the matter with the Committee
  • Members should inform Committee Members or event organisers, in confidence, of any medical condition they have which may impinge upon a meeting or event
  • Members with medical conditions are expected to carry with them any necessary medication and to be aware of how to use it.